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Legacy Education specializes in education development, training, and school improvement consulting services. With a unique focus on neurodiverse learners and special education, these tailored services ensure your needs are paramount to leave a legacy of educational excellence in your school, home, or organization.


Our expert educational coach recognizes what makes every child unique and will utilize a strengths-based approach to develop your child's confidence and the academic skills they need to succeed in school. Educational Coaching first begins with your child's strengths by building confidence in their natural skills and abilities, and we work with families to better understand and champion these. We then support academic subjects, as we believe these are peripheral to who your child really is.

The Learning Together curriculum development service will work together with you and your students to help you re-design a curriculum where students and staff embrace Learning Together. Our curriculum specialist designed curriculum in nationally certified "Outstanding" schools in the Great Britain- the top rating in the country.

You will join other ambitious, like-minded educators from around the world to discover that you have what it takes to make a significant impact in the education profession. Using an affirmative solutions approach, Legacy Education provides a listening ear to help ambitious teachers actualize the best version of themselves, and then work to establish new ways of thinking about learning for all. You will also receive a free copy of the Neurodiversity & Inclusion Learning Environments Profile (NAILEP) to kickstart the Ambitious Teacher Program- a $150 value!

Legacy Education's Diagnostic Teaching specialist will help you empower your education team and families by clarifying and developing systems that support all students, families, and staff in areas of academics, social-emotional learning, and behavior.

Our facilitators will help your school or organization find collaborative solutions to tricky problems using a distinctive stakeholder approach where all voices matter.

A range of highly-specialized training has been delivered to schools, families, and organizations globally and can focus on a range of common areas of need including dyslexia, dyscalculia, communication and interaction, writing, reading, behavior, and more.

The Neurodiversity and Inclusion Learning Environments Profile (NAILEP)© provides a strengths analysis of your classroom learning environment for supporting and strengthening students with learning differences. The NAILEP explores four key areas that can affect neurodiverse learners’ ability to thrive in your environment, including:

  1. Communication & Interaction

  2. Cognition & Learning

  3. Social-Emotional Strengthening

  4. Executive Functioning

You will explore your strengths for supporting students in each of these areas. After completing the NAILEP, you will be provided with an individualized Action Guide based on your results.

We bridge the Parent-to-School Gap by providing insights to families about learning and development. Our down-to-earth, engaging communication ensures families will develop better connections to their child's learning. 

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