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Learning Together

Legacy Education aims to bridge the gap between best-practice and reality by helping families, schools, and organizations realize their potential. The Legacy Education Network spans the globe and our team work across the Americas, Europe, and Africa. Legacy specializes in education and leadership consulting services that help you leverage your inherent strengths through strategically designed training and development. With a unique focus on neurodiverse learners and special education, our tailored services ensure your needs and aspirations are paramount to everything we provide.

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Creating a Legacy

Adam Meyersieck, Founder

For two decades, Adam Meyersieck has worked internationally on four continents as an education leader, teacher, counselor, and consultant. He has met countless families and leaders who sought to create high quality, best-practice learning environments suited to meet the needs of their students. Having spoken with thousands of professionals and countless families around the world, he recognized the need to bridge the gap between high-quality education and the needs of exceptional students. He is unapologetic about the mandate we have of leaving a legacy of educational excellence for generations to come. 

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A dream fulfilled is a tree of life.

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