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What if you could...

  • Tap into the strengths of every student?

  • Teach effortlessly because students know exactly what to do... and do it!

  • Take part in meaningful professional learning with colleagues from around the world?

  • Lead the way in creating learning environments where EVERY student thrives?

  • Give every student the tools they need to thrive in your learning environment?

  • Be a leader in creating neurodiverse and inclusive learning environments?


Today we will show you how.


Have you ever participated in a professional learning or development seminar that left you feeling engaged, informed, and entertained? While these events can be enjoyable, it's important to ask yourself what you truly gained from the experience. Did it have a lasting impact on your organization or practice? Did your students and colleagues benefit from your new knowledge? Although such seminars are typically well-planned and executed, their long-term impact can be questionable (trust us, we’ve delivered hundreds of them if not thousands and wondered what sustainable impact we had!).​


That’s why we created the Neurodiverse & Inclusive Learning Environment Program, a professional development initiative designed to promote sustainable growth within schools. Our program includes an environmental profile growth measure to help you track your school's progress throughout the program and beyond.​



When you purchase the Learning Environments Program, you will receive access to some amazing features:

  • The Neurodiversity & Inclusion Learning Environments Profile- a learning environment analysis tool you will use throughout the program
  • Access to an online community of others who are in the Learning Environments Program
  • Monthly Ambitious Educator live calls!
  • Ongoing professional learning and development from like-minded professionals


This comprehensive program includes an environmental analysis (the Profile) and live sessions to develop learning environments in your school or university. The program will give you a solid foundation of neurodiversity knowledge and practical approaches that can be used to support neurodivergent students and young adults. The program, offered by Legacy Education, is designed to help participants understand the specific needs of neurodivergent people and adapt processes and systems to help them thrive.​


The NAILEP is an online tool that assesses an environment’s suitability to support all students, including those with learning differences. It evaluates strategies for Four Key Indicators: communication, cognition and learning, social-emotional strengthening, and executive functioning to help teachers and school leaders create an environment where all students can succeed. The NAILEP is taken at three points throughout the program.


The Neurodiversity and Inclusion Learning Environments Profile (NAILEP)© is an online individual and school profile measure that provides a strengths analysis of your classroom learning environment for supporting and strengthening all students, including those with learning differences. The NAILEP is suitable for ambitious teachers and school leaders who wish to create learning environments where all students can thrive.


How well does your school or classroom learning environment support students with neurodivergent needs? 

The Neurodiversity & Inclusion Learning Environments Profile is an individual strengths and growth measure that explores four key areas that can affect neurodiverse learners’ ability to thrive in your school or learning environment, including:

  • Communication & Interaction
  • Cognition & Learning
  • Social-Emotional Strengthening
  • Executive Functioning


You will explore your learning environment's strengths and areas to develop to effectively support neurodiverse students in these areas. After completing the NAILEP, you will be provided with an individualized Action Guide based on your results to help you and your school develop a more inclusive and neurodiverse learning environment.


Teacher Coaching and Schoolwide Support are available to support you and your team's specific results, and you may be eligible for additional access depending on your use. Please contact Legacy Education for more information about multiple access codes.


Please Note: This product is delivered digitally to the email address you provide at checkout

The Neurodiverse & Inclusive Learning Environments Program

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$59.00every month until canceled
    • Deeper understanding of neurodivergent learners via your personalized Action Guide
    • Improved learning experiences for your neurodiverse learners
    • Greater confidence in your daily practices and routines for supporting all students
    • Improved awareness of your pedagogical strengths after completing the NAILEP
    • A clear pathway to improve your learning environment based on your individualized results in your NAILEP Action Guide
    • Opportunities to develop your learning environmentthrough Legacy Education's Ambitious Educator live calls
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