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Three ways to be productive on a Friday afternoon

Fix your Friday to set yourself up for success next week

Friday productivity

Despite a nearly 20% reduction in productivity and concentration, there are a few remedies for the Friday afternoon dip. For many of us, Fridays are often unproductive as the weekend approaches. Here are a few ways to change that.

1. Plan your upcoming week

Spend a few minutes on Fridays to create a priority list for the following week in three categories: career, relationships, and self. This balanced approach ensures you have a plan without sacrificing your weekend.

2. Keep your Friday schedule flexible

Avoid scheduling too many meetings or events on Fridays. Maintain open space to handle unexpected tasks or reschedule important matters that may have been delayed during the week.

3. Tackle small tasks efficiently

Save administrative tasks like forms, bill payments, and non-urgent responses for Friday. Efficiently power through your to-do list, leaving more time for deeper work during the week.

These practices help us strike a balance between productivity and relaxation, ultimately contributing to a more fulfilling and organized workweek... and life. So, why wait for the weekend to start when we can make Fridays count?

This article was inspired by Laura Vanderkam's tips for Fridays.

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