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Is Educational Coaching right for your family?

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

What is Educational Coaching?

Every child is unique and deserves to be seen and treated as an individual. Many families employ tutors who provide skill support for aspects of reading, writing, and math. While this might be a good start for many, tutoring can easily “miss the mark” if it only addresses a whittled down curriculum skill needed to perform a specific task.

Educational Coaching is different. It is rooted in the belief that healthy families are the greatest strength in our society, and that parents are the anchors for children and young people in a rapidly shifting culture. Educational Coaching partners with parents and emphasizes: + Discovering strengths, discussing ideal outcomes, and implementing steps toward a preferred future + Developing confidence for the whole child + A strong understanding of self and developing autonomous learning and studying skills + Executive functioning, including organizational skills and self-advocacy + Family understanding and active engagement + Academic and school-based needs + Making learning “stick”

Does Educational Coaching teach core skills? Absolutely! Academic achievement is an important element in a student’s success. In addition to high quality pedagogical reading, writing, and math instruction, Educational Coaching uses specific coaching methods of encouragement, reinforcement, metacognition, and interleaved learning individualized for each student. Educational Coaching is rooted in multiple educational and psychological theoretical approaches to develop independence in core academic skills – and so much more!

What does Educational Coaching do for families?

This service elevates and illuminates the educational experience for students and families by providing high-quality, active engaging training for parents who wish to partake in the educational and functional growth of their children. Your Educational Coach has worked with hundreds of families around the world to develop increased understanding of how children learn and to provide easy-to-use strategies that + improve core academic skills; + partner with families to achieve meaningful goals;

+ develop metacognition; + bridge the parent and education relationship; and

+ empowers parents

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