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Education: Too Big to Fail?

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Our system, as a whole, needs fixing. But do we have the willpower to do it?

If the last 15 years has taught us anything about the revolving door between government and business, it's that many industries - despite their mismanagement - have been deemed to be "too big to fail." We have, however, permitted failure in one area: education.

Rarely, if ever, is this idea of "too big to fail" considered in an education system that routinely struggles to recruit, afford, and retain high quality teaching staff. We have ditched time-tested ideas that established civil societies for new-fangled theories of culture and society that have visibly and undeniably resulted in education losing its way.

  • Travel industry: Too big to fail.

  • Investment and commercial Banks: Too big to fail.

  • Auto industry: Too big to fail.

  • Mortgage lenders: Too big to fail.

  • "Clean" energy: needs to be bigger, then it will fail, then it will be bailed out because it's, yep you guessed it... too big to fail.

  • Airlines: Too big to fail.

Families are seeking out new opportunities to give their children the best education possible. Wisdom asks Why?

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