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Classrooms that work for all!

How well does your K-12 school or classroom learning environment support students with neurodivergent needs? 

The Neurodiversity & Inclusion Learning Environments Profile (NAILEP) and Program is an individual strengths and growth measure that explores four key areas that can affect neurodiverse learners’ ability to thrive in your school or learning environment, including:

  • Communication & Interaction

  • Cognition & Learning

  • Social-Emotional Strengthening

  • Executive Functioning


You will explore your learning environment's strengths and areas to develop to effectively support neurodiverse students in these areas. After completing the NAILEP, you will be provided with an individualized Action Guide based on your results to help you and your school develop a more inclusive and neurodiverse learning environment.

Learn more about the program, download our free e-book here.


Check out the NAILEP on Legacy Education's Product Page.

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