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Learning Together

Our Learning Together Program focuses on helping you become a co-constructive school to embed deep learning throughout your school. Our systematic and measurable approach will help your school team develop:

  • Create a tangible, practical purpose for social-emotional learning (SEL)

  • Staff attitudes toward performance versus learning

  • A deeper awareness of the Three Ways of Viewing Classroom Teaching and Learning

  • Intrinsic sense of accountability for what is possible

  • An audit and co-creation of Learning Together activities with students and staff

  • Gold-Standard Classrooms, including 5 key areas of focus

  • Curricular opportunities for your students to have greater autonomy and a sense of ownership in their school 

  • Learning Walks as a form of teacher and leadership development

  • Professional learning and training offers in areas of learning and additional needs, including dyslexia, dyscalculia, communication and interaction, reading, writing, and behavior

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