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Ambitious Teachers create high quality learning environments for all students

You will join other like-minded educators from around the globe to discover that you have what it takes to make a lasting difference in the education profession, and work to establish new ways of thinking about classroom successes and challenges. Using an affirmative, person-centered approach, we provide a listening ear help you create the best learning environment imaginable. We carefully guide you along in this process to help you:

  • Create an optimal learning environment using our unique Learning Environments Profile so all students can thrive

  • Uncover the "current state of play" in your learning environment and how you support students who are struggling.

  • Build on what's positive

  • Discover your ideal teaching role

  • Implement the Ambitious Teacher Program in your learning environment and beyond!

  • The Neurodiversity & Inclusion Learning Environments Profile (NAILEP- a $150 value) is yours when you sign up for 6 Ambitious Teacher Program at $49 each!

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